Outline Boundary

Though most parcels of land are mathematically mapped out and on file with the Town Clerk's office, not every parcel is. Some clients during our initial consultation have shown some surprise when they find out that the documents they need are not readily available at the town. Potential clients sometimes call us with the assumption that every property has a map down at the town, or that all property at some time has been physically staked, and they just want us to find them. Unfortunately this is not the case. Unless the former owner of your land, or your neighbors (adjoining property), has been "Staked Out", then more than likely you will not have any information in any form available to you. The Outline Boundary Survey is basically the Survey we perform when we are "Starting from scratch". We are literally outlining your boundary on paper. We Survey the perimeter of your Land and several parcels around you, to gather enough data to be able to establish your property lines. If your parcel is large enough, it can also have potential for Subdivision. This Document should, in turn, be filed for record in the Town Clerk's office for all time. Future Surveyor's will have to work off of this Map when surveying the lots around you.